Snowed today....could be worse...sorry for you Buffalo golfers
Snowed today….could be worse…sorry for you Buffalo golfers

Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday of the year.

To me,  Thanksgiving is all about family!  Getting together as a family to enjoy each other and appreciate our many blessings.

Other than family,  here is some golf gobble that make me thankful to enjoy the game of golf:

1.  Be happy with a bogey and occasional par.
2.  Be overjoyed with a birdie.
3.  Be thankfull to be outside to enjoy the fresh air.
4.  Be thankful for my golf buds and the 19th hole.
5.  Be thanksful to get up in the morning hopeful your game
will be better or as good as yesterday.
6.  Be thankful for golf humor :)
7.  Be thankful for golf carts and occasional walk on the green carpet.
8.  Be thankful for GPS and great forgiving golf clubs.

Last, I’m thankful for my wife, who encourages me to play golf and
most of all have fun playing!

Share with us what you are thankful?


Now is perfect golf time

While most of are going into hibernation, the spirit of the golf game  slowly drifts into the abiss.  But, it does not have to be that way!

For me, I am going to take this time to work on several things:
1.  My fitness…
Increasing my core and flexibilty.  Especially as we all grow a    little older the strength and flexibility fades.
2. Swing…
Practice my turn at takeway and release.  I am looking for an easy way to video my swing without having to ask my wife, who thinks I am a little crazy.  If you know a good way to capture a swing, let me know.
3.  Putting…
Wear the rug out practicing putting.  Most of would probably be happy to have no more than 2 putts per hole on 18 holes, suppose we could shave 2-4 strokes off our game.  Simple, get better with putting.
4.  Consistency…
Set a goal to be more consistent.  Work in at least two practice session twice a week.

Wow, if all this works, I will get back to my 14 handicap.  I have a goal to get down to at 10 in 2015.  Lofty, but attainable.

What are your goals for the winter?



Winter Golf Sucks

This past weekend I braved the cold and met my Saturday buds for 18 holes.

Six of us were stupid enough to show up.  We teamed up 3v3 and our pro let us all play together.  Hell, no one else was on the course but us dummies.

Not only  did we freeze our buns off, but adding insult to poor play, it took us 5 hours.  When we finished, everyone was tired, cold and beat up.

Playing winter golf when it’s 40 + is tolerable, but anything below that begins to sting.  The longer and colder it gets, the worse your game becomes.

My advice to myself is:
1.  Never play 3 v 3 in same group.
2.  Never play 18 when its less than 40.
3.  Never beat yourself up, have fun!
4.  Make sure the 19th  hole is warm and loaded with libation.

Have fun!  Go Retired Golfers…………..

Golf is Hard

crying 2OK, you’ve heard it before, Yes,  golf is really hard.

Is this the reason that the golf industry continues to be losing golfers?

I was watching the Golf Channel and they had a small snippet with Phil Nickleson and he addressed the subject of the lack of play within the golf industry and that golf is considered to be hard.

I’ve got a couple of my own to help make the game of  golf less hard and more  fun:
1.  Limit the time looking for lost ball too 1 minute.  If not found, take a drop and assess 1 stroke penalty.
2.  Out of bounds balls, take lateral drop and 1 stroke penalty.  Do not return to the point where you hit from.
3. Increase the size of the putting hole by a minimum of 1 inch.
4.  Limit all putts to a max of 3.
5.  Allow 1 mullacan per 18.  You choose whichever hole you like.
6.  Putters. Use any putter that works for you.

These suggestions to apply to the everyday/weekend  fun play and would not apply to match and tournament play.

Do you have any ideas to help make golf more fun and less hard?
Go ahead make a comment.

Next time you play, just have fun!



Another Great Day of Golf

Every day is a good day if you have the chance to play golf and are retired with the ablity to play as often as you can.

Today our morning Men’s group traveled to Springfield Country Club, in Springfield, PA.

The fairways were redone about a year ago and still need a good year to mature.  The roughs were exactly that.  Lots of trees with large root systems impacting lies with many bare spots.  The greens were challenging and have many unulations to make it exciting if you were lucky enough to sink a putt.  The staff was friendly and accomodating.

If I were to rate the course 1-10, I would give it a 6.5.  I would like to try to play it again in about another year once the new seedings in the fairway have taken hold better.

We played from the white tees, which made the course a little long for some, since the whites tees were close to the blues.  Poll your group before deciding which tees to play.

Let me know if you have a favorite course or one you like and we can share it with all us retired golfers.

Fall  is upon us here in the Northeast, but there is still some time left up through November to get in a few more holes.

Have fun!  Remember, it’s just a game.

2014 Ryder Cup Is Here

us flag

It’s been two years since the last Ryder Cup and now the time has arrived for another great challenge for the USA versus Europe.

All the golf pundits are diminishing the chances of the US team and it appears from their perspective that the European team has the  strongest team.

However,  I’m sure Tom Watson (US Coach) has other things in mind. There is something magical that happens when great US golf professionals team together and  represent  their country and play as a team.

The pride and patriotic spirit of the USA team will be highly evident and I will be cheering for them as they attempt to return the Ryder to the US.

Stay tuned as the excitement of the next 3 days unfold.



Golf Consistency Is Not Easy

My golfing goal is to be more consistent.  Inconsistency is very frustrating and starts to creep into your mind every time you address the ball.

about you arrow

My  handicap is hovering around 15, compared to being a 23 just a year ago.   I have found that golfers with a handicap of of 10 or less are very consistent with their games, that’s not to say that they don’t have a bad day, but all in all, it’s a lot more fun to score consistently.  My friend Larry is 70 years old,  a 9 handicapper, and consistently shoots in the upper 70’s.

Here are my scores so far this week, 89, 87, 83.  Not bad, but the first two day were over my handicap.  My new approach has been to take one day to practice.  I guess the ultimate would be to see how I am really swinging, which means a mirror or videoing my swing. Seems a little on the anal side, but my personality drives to do better, not just play everyday and expect better results.

How about you? Is your golf game consistent?  What do you do that works for you?  Let us by making comments below…


Knucklehead Golf Tournament

Have you ever played in a Knucklehead GolfTournament?


Contrived by 2 knuckleheads at our club, they challenged our men’s association to a better ball, full handicap match play.  Both knuckleheads were high handicappers, (20 & 23), so joining into the fun seemed to be a no brainer.

Little did 20 of us other “knuckleheads” discover, that we were, in fact the knuckleheads.  The 20 handicapper shot a 76 (72 par).  He shot the best round of his life.  Bottom line, the 2 knuckleheads beat the pants off of the rest of us, but boy was it fun, even to lose.

If you’ve got the guts, pick a partner and try your own knucklehead tournament.

Tell us old golfers about a fun tournament you played!


Golf Score 79 to 90

Admittedly my golf game is a work in progress!

Yesterday,  I shot a 79, today I shot a 90.  Yesterday I had one birdie, today I had one birdie.  Happy one day and frustrated the next.

A reminder,  I just started playing golf after retiring a year ago.  I had played previously, but had a good 15 year break in the action, until this past year when I retired.  So my game has been been lost for quite some time,  Most  recently I thought I was making some progress, but so much for that theory.  79 one day and 90 the next.

However, here is the good news.  In just one year I have gone from a 23 handicap to a 16 handicap.  All in all that is not too bad, but for me, that is not good enough.  There are  those of you who may think, why not be satisfied.  My thoughts are that if I am  going to do something, then do the best that I can.  This means constantly working on my game and making it better.

More good news.  I have another game in the morning!  Who knows,  I might shoot a 78.  I’ll let you know.

Keep having fun!


Golfing Summer drawing to an end

I started this blog some time ago and found, of all things, my golf game got in the way of making posts.

With summer coming to an end,  I’m finding some time to share a few things with all my fellow golfers on this blog for retired golfers.

wild quailYesterday, we had a travel day to Dover, DE and played Wild Quail Country Club.  The course was challenging enough for me, with the fairways in terrific condition.  The rough was exactly that a little on the rough side, but for the price you couldn’t beat it. With our Victory passbook we played 18 holes for $20 which included cart.
What a deal?

I played pretty crappy, but any day on the links is a good day.
Hope your summer has been great!

Early fall golf is some of the best.  You’ve had all summer to practice. Let us know about your game or experiences.  Make your comments below.

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill