Great Golf Swing, Long Ball Hitter, High Scorer

perfect swingToday was a golf eye opener.

We were playing a 4 man match play., best 2 balls with handicap.   Our A & D player were playing well, however, myself and my other partner were bringing up the rear.

Our ‘A’ player said, “both you guys have great golf swings, hit the ball long, but unfortunately score high.”  Wow, what an eye opener.  He was saying this with humor, but what he was saying was correct.

Our ‘A’ player is not a long ball hitter, but he is consistently down the middle off the tee and capitalizes on 2nd & 3rd shots, getting near the green or in the hole in regulation.

His point is well taken, you don’t have to be a long hitter to score well.  Consistency in all facets of your golf game are the key factors to scoring well.

So, for me, next time out (tomorrow), I will be working on consistency, not distance.  Wish me luck…

What about you?  Do you have a golf strategy for scoring low and making the best of every shot?

Don’t pass on golf when you have the green light

Sorry Bobby

A buddy of mine and I  were out to dinner last night with our wives.   The conversation quickly turned to our golf game.  Surprise!

I told him in ear shot of his wife, that I had a tee time the next morning and why doesn’t he join me.  He politely said no, but he had to go grocery shopping.  Oh no!  Then,  on cue, his wife tunes in and says, go ahead honey with Sam and play golf.  What a sweetheart! Gotta love her!

Page 2 of the story.  He comes back and declines after getting the green light.  All I can say, he is a better man than me.  Once I get the green light, I’m off to smell the roses.

What about you?

See you on the 19th hole.

Hello Retired Golfers

What better time to talk than now.  Get inspiration for retired golfers.

Check out the current tournament being played this week, the Insperity Invitational, going on this week , April 28 – May 2, 2014 at Woodland, Texas.

Check out the 3 greatest player of golf, Palmer, Nicklaus and Players, along with many other great golfers.  You can view the Invitational on the Golf Channel.

Watching these older golfers gives me inspiration.  Maybe there is still hope for you and me and our golf game.  Check it out and let us know what you think?

Go Retired Golfer