Welcome to Go Retired Golfers. 

Now that you are retired and have a little more time to play golf, maybe you would like a place to talk about your golf game and other matters important to you. If you are retired, play golf, or just thinking about starting the game,  then you are at the right spot.


Retired golfers come from all walks of life. Some of you are great golfers and want to continue to enjoy the challenge of the game. Yet, some of you are want to take up the game of golf for the first time.  Or, some of you may be like me and just resumed playing golf after retirement.  Before retirement you were busy building your career, business, raising and educating your children and now you have a new goal: Play more Golf.

Now is your time for Golfing!
If you are here, you have a passion for the game of golf.   Join in, make comments to talk to other retired golfers just like you. Hear what they have to say.  Check out their words of wisdom :)  Now you have a place that you can talk to other retired golfers about the good, bad, and ugly of your golf game.

Retired Golfers Conversational Comments

Each blog post has a place where you can make comments and start discussions.  It  is your place to learn from other retired golfers, just like you.  The Converstation Comments  are a place to speak up, learn, get tips, ideas, and meet some really get folks who love the game of golf.

During my years of business I found that speaking with others with the same likes, interests , and challenges creates amazing synergies. If you are retired and love to play golf or want to play golf,  you are at the right place.

Go Retired Golfers