My Bag

During this past year I invested in new clubs.  I read the golf digest top 100 hot list and talked with other golfers.  Finally, I decided there was only one way to find the right clubs for me.

I contacted the in-store Pro at my local Golfsmith store.  At that time, I liked my driver and other woods, so I decided to replace my irons first. After trying several brands I decided the Ping G30 were best for me and my particular swing.  The pro took about one hour and a half and fitted the clubs to my particular impact and angle needed.  At that time, I had steel shaft Clevelands and the Ping G30 was available in both steel shafts and graphite shafts.  Testing my swing speed, the graphite swing speed was about 10mph faster than the steel, so I chose the graphite shaft and black Ping G30 irons.

I have found that the PingG30 irons are very forgiving and provide me with a confidence unlike I had previously.  Since the Ping G30 irons worked so well for me, I decided to move on to the Ping G30 Woods.  I found the woods to be similar in forgiveness and were givimg me more consistency and predictable shots.

Update: just added Ping G, 4 hybrid,  leaving only the 5 hybrid Callaway. 

Have you purchased new clubs within the past year?  If so, let others know of your experiences, good or bad.

Here is what is in my bag:
Ping G30 Driver
Taylormade Mini Driver
Ping G30 3 Wood
Ping G30 5 Wood
Ping G 4 Hybrid
Calloway X2Hot Hybrid 5
Ping 6,7,8,9,Wedge, (U) Gap, (S) Sand Wedge
Update:  New See More Blade FGP Putter
When in Florida, I use the the 5 Hybrid, when at home in Delaware I use the 5 Ping Iron. Debating whether I need Taylormade Mini Driver.

When Puttting I Feel the Need for Speed

Putting is almost 50% or more of your golf score.  So, working on putting is a wise choice if you want to bring your score down.

Practicing putting is boring.  You have tomake it fun to keep yourself engaged and to get better at putting.   I like to practice putting with a buddy and make it a game.  For me I like to keep putts within 10 feet or less.  My logic is that if I can get within 10 feet (preferably 6 feet), I have a chance of having no more than a 2 putt.  We all know that 3 putt holes will kill your score.

Anyway, you know I am not a pro, but the guys at Golf Tec, seem to know what they are doing.  Click Here, to learn some words of wisdom and a great practice drill to help improve your putting and overall golf game.

Spring is right around the corner, unless like me, you’re in sunny Florida…..


Muscle Memory or Is It Golf

How is it that every time I play, I have a different partner?  That different partner is me.  I’m really good one day and bad the next!

Inconsistency is the achilles heal of most golfer, and even the pros.   Because of inconsistency, we golfers are always looking for the next thing, the next tip, the next idea, the next new club and even the right pair of socks to wear.  No kidding, I pay attention to what I wear when I have a good day, you bet I may want to wear the same outfit soon.  Damn, I can be a little superstitous.  Are you?

One of my golf goals for this year is  to just step up and hit the ball.  Yes, just relax and hit the damn thing.  Currenly, I have a lot going on between the ears, i.e. keep my head quiet, follow through, slow down, don’t be so steep, watch my club angle, keep my feet together, and lots more.

How can I get to the point of just stepping up and hitting the ball?

I think a lot has to do with muscle memory.  Muscle memory plays a big part with consistency.  In other words, you practice enough of the  to make the right stroke, then your  muscles  automatically begin to memorize the right moves, without really thinking.  You get to  a certain point and just start doing it consistently.

Muscle memory sounds easy at first glance, but it requies a lot of dedicated work.  Some might get it quick, but for me I make it a big task.

What is your best method for consistenly refining your muscle memory?

Now, go hit it….




A Student of the Game of Golf

Today I found out something I did not know.  Yes, I was told that I was a student of the game of golf.

ben hogan five lessons

Here’s how it happened…
Since being down here in Florida for my winter break, I often take about an hour on my off playing days to go to the driving range. Every time I went to the range, I would see this gentlemen trying his best to hit the golf ball.  He was having a tough time!

My intrigue, led me to ask him a few questions.  I wanted to know how long he’d been playing.  He admittedly said he had just begun playing.  So, I offered some advise and words of encouragement.  So, our conversation continued over a 3 week period.  He was so nice and appreciative of tips and hints. I got to know him and has wife as friends.

So, today I went to the range.  He called me over and he said I have something for you. He gave me the now famous, “Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons” in paper back.  Unbeknown to him, I already owned the ebook, but really wanted the real, paperback, to underscore important parts of the book.  It’s a must read for  anyone who plays  golf.

Receiving this book gift was one of the nicest things that has happend to me since playing golf.  Maybe, you too could reach out to someone who is struggling with their game.  It’s a good for you and a good thing for them.

Keep on playing golf and never, ever give up!