When Puttting I Feel the Need for Speed

Putting is almost 50% or more of your golf score.  So, working on putting is a wise choice if you want to bring your score down.

Practicing putting is boring.  You have tomake it fun to keep yourself engaged and to get better at putting.   I like to practice putting with a buddy and make it a game.  For me I like to keep putts within 10 feet or less.  My logic is that if I can get within 10 feet (preferably 6 feet), I have a chance of having no more than a 2 putt.  We all know that 3 putt holes will kill your score.

Anyway, you know I am not a pro, but the guys at Golf Tec, seem to know what they are doing.  Click Here, to learn some words of wisdom and a great practice drill to help improve your putting and overall golf game.

Spring is right around the corner, unless like me, you’re in sunny Florida…..