Relaxing in the Sun Makes Golfing Fun

Are you freezing?  Has your golf game been shut down  by extreme cold and frozen tundra.  Disgusted and disgruntled, with nothing to do?

17th fairway worthington

Why not take a short reprieve to sunny Florida or someplace warmer nearest you?  My wife and I decided to make the great escape to the sunny south.  Call us snowbirds, I don’t care, but I prefer smart-birds.

So far, I have played golf once and found the greens to be challenging,  so I just got back from a putting clinic.  The head pro here was very helpful and helped me a lot.  Hopefully, my score will reflect what I learned.

Here are a couple good tips I got:
1.  On short putts, grip the putter just a bit firmer with  the left hand.
Vise versa if you are a lefty.
2.  On long putts, follow through more with the right hand, similar to when you might throw a ball underhanded.
3.  Your goal on long putts should be to get close enough, to make it down in 2 putts.
4.  Your next goal is make at least 3-4, one putts.
5.  Overall goal is get putts to within 29-32 putts overall.  Avoiding 3 putts.
6.  Last, relax when putting, keep your stance and eye just over and inside the ball; which will get you from rocking back on your heels and keeping your balance and feet firmly planted.

Got a putting tip?  Let us know by commenting….

You don’t have to come south to practice the above.  Give it a shot on a carpeted room at home.

Go Retired Golfers………….