Too Busy

Its been a busy last few months.  I guess I have been lazy posting on this blog, but I have been playing a lot of golf and having a lot of fun playing and working on improving my game.

This time of the year is when you start to evaluate how you are going to approach where you are going to play golf next year.   If you are happy with your current venue, then continue your same course.  However, if not, you most likely have a lot of choices.

Here are some the things I have put in my think tank for next year:
1.  Should I consider a country club and play that club exclusively?
2.  Should I stay the course and continue to do what I am doing now?
3.  What can I afford to spend?
4.  How close are venues to my residence?
5.  What are the conditions and maintenance of the course I currently play vs others?
6.  What is the attitude of the staff in pro shop and equipment stocked?
7.  What is the attitude of the owners who manage and control the course?
8.  Is the price currently charged a good value?
9.  Do the goals I have for my golf game coincide with my course choices?
10. Do I like the people I play with me on a consistent basis?

These points are just a few and you may have others.  My own evaluation is that  I think #10 rises as the #1 reason to play a particular golf course.  Relationships, comradery, and a general comfortable feeling with those you know and play golf with are the most important. Afterall, its frienships and our families that bind our lives and keep us happy and well balanced.