One Player – 2 Birdies on One Hole

Are you wondering how you can get 2 birdies and a greenie on the same hole, by the same player?

Our Sunday morning golfing group divides into groups of 3 or 4 depending on how many golfers show up that morning to play golf.  When you only have 3 golfers on your team,  that team gets an extra shot on Par 3 holes in order to compensate for not having a  4 man team.

Last Sunday, Steve H, being on a 3 man team, had the extra shot, on a Par 3 hole, about 172 yard hole.  His first shot went on the green and his second shot also landed on the green.  He was able to make both putts, thereby getting 2 birdies for his team.  Next, the added bonus was that he also got another point for being closest to the hole.

I might add, Steve did all this at the cool temp of 40 degrees. Congrats Steve!

Golf can really be fun…let it go!

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