A Student of the Game of Golf

Today I found out something I did not know.  Yes, I was told that I was a student of the game of golf.

ben hogan five lessons

Here’s how it happened…
Since being down here in Florida for my winter break, I often take about an hour on my off playing days to go to the driving range. Every time I went to the range, I would see this gentlemen trying his best to hit the golf ball.  He was having a tough time!

My intrigue, led me to ask him a few questions.  I wanted to know how long he’d been playing.  He admittedly said he had just begun playing.  So, I offered some advise and words of encouragement.  So, our conversation continued over a 3 week period.  He was so nice and appreciative of tips and hints. I got to know him and has wife as friends.

So, today I went to the range.  He called me over and he said I have something for you. He gave me the now famous, “Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons” in paper back.  Unbeknown to him, I already owned the ebook, but really wanted the real, paperback, to underscore important parts of the book.  It’s a must read for  anyone who plays  golf.

Receiving this book gift was one of the nicest things that has happend to me since playing golf.  Maybe, you too could reach out to someone who is struggling with their game.  It’s a good for you and a good thing for them.

Keep on playing golf and never, ever give up!