Set Goals to Improve Your 2015 Golf Game

OK, the year for golfing is winding down.  For you retired golfers, now is the time to think about what’s next for your golf game moving forward into 2015.

Retired Golfers Set Smart Goals
Retired Golfers Set Smart Goals
  • how often do you want to play
  • how often should you practice
  • challenge your putting; how many strokes per round
  • set a realistic handicap to achieve
  • how do you want to finish in the golf events you want to play

The first place to start when setting any goal is to think about where you are now and where you have been leading up to now.  Dwell on the good stuff first, then dig into what things you want to accomplish and improve upon moving into 2015.  Once you’ve given it some thought, start to write down a plan and set some goals. Don’t worry about being spot on, just get started.  Do something!  Goals are merely done to give you some direction and are the primer to get  us moving forward.

Here are some ideas:

What about physical attributes?  We’re not getting any younger! Retired golfers have challenges, but nothing that we can’t be overcome by setting realistic goals that match your capabilities.  Be honest but don’t set physical goals that are impossible to meet and get you too frustrated.  Remember, golf is suppose to be fun.

Here are some of my golf goals.  Maybe they resonate with you:

  • get longer distance with your driver
  • be more consistent hitting fairways
  • drill down distances for each of my clubs
  • work on 45 degree turn, takeaway and release
  • is it time to change my clubs; could be your ability to get the distance is hindered by not getting on board with advances in club technology
  • practice with a purpose
  • consider lessons and exercise more; improve strength and stamina

Golf can be a mind game, but you can work on getting more positive and self directive:

  • zone in mentally when you address the ball.  Keep your eye on the ball  and take other distractions out of your brain
  • stop choking on easy putts; practice putting and be confident with your stroke
  • try not to swear (too much)  or throw your club; emotions can take over and kill your ability to focus
  • don’t fall into negative thoughts; if you make a mistake, move on (make a note on your scorecard)  and practice later to avoid doing it again
  • stay focused by giving it 100% concentration
  • talk to yourself about the good stuff by internalizing it in your mind…yes I can!

Finally, review your swing.  How do you know what to correct in your swing, if you can’t see what you are doing right or wrong?

Final quest to improve your golf game:

camera I rigged up on a extended painters pole
camera I rigged up on a extended painters pole
  • I rigged up an old flip camera and mounted it to a painters pole.  Its not fancy, but it works for me.
  • Have a pro observe your swing.  Take a playing lesson.  Ask for feedback and correction
  • Review your video swing, via a  web sites that can examine your swing in slow motion.   V-1 Golf is free and works.  If you want to take it a step further, check out Rotary; RTS is not free but a pro can evaluate your swing and give you video drills to make corrections to your swing. My handicap has come down 5 since joining.
  • If you are not a video person, then use a mirror, so you can observe your swing using a mirror as your training aid.

Good luck with your golf game as you move forward into 2015.


Quip of the day!
Two golfers were sitting at the 19th hole discussing their games this year when one says to the other,
” My game is so bad this year I had to have my ball retriever regripped !”