My Golf Plan for 2015

Being a retired golfer, I have a little time to think about what’s next
for my golf game moving into 2015.

I do better when I write things down. So, below are my plans going forth into 2015:

  • Work on hitting  my driver (don’t back down to 3 wood)
  • Improve driver distance 15-20 yards
  • Improve bunker play
  • Work on perfecting takeaway
  • Work on perfecting release
  • Adapt new cross over putting grip to improve putting (??)
  • Lower handicap 5 strokes.  (Currently 17 to 12) Index now 16.5
  • Practice 2 times weekly, be specific with a goal
  • Play 3 times weekly
  • Play member/member tournament
  • Play member/guest tournament
  • Thursday, weekly 9 hole event (play 9 holes before)
  • Walk more, ride cart less
  • Excercise at least 45 min., 3 times per week, emphasis on heart
    rate and core strength
  • Lose 15 pounds
  • Play multiple courses
  • Use video during practice to make corrections to
    swing plane
  • Say to self:  I will, not I won’t

OK, you got my golf plans for 2015.

Let us know what plans you have.  Make a comment…

Good luck as you move forward into 2015 with your golf game.

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 Golf is like a love affair. If you don’t take it seriously, it’s no fun; if you do take it seriously, it breaks your heart. ~Arthur Daley

Set Goals to Improve Your 2015 Golf Game

OK, the year for golfing is winding down.  For you retired golfers, now is the time to think about what’s next for your golf game moving forward into 2015.

Retired Golfers Set Smart Goals
Retired Golfers Set Smart Goals
  • how often do you want to play
  • how often should you practice
  • challenge your putting; how many strokes per round
  • set a realistic handicap to achieve
  • how do you want to finish in the golf events you want to play

The first place to start when setting any goal is to think about where you are now and where you have been leading up to now.  Dwell on the good stuff first, then dig into what things you want to accomplish and improve upon moving into 2015.  Once you’ve given it some thought, start to write down a plan and set some goals. Don’t worry about being spot on, just get started.  Do something!  Goals are merely done to give you some direction and are the primer to get  us moving forward.

Here are some ideas:

What about physical attributes?  We’re not getting any younger! Retired golfers have challenges, but nothing that we can’t be overcome by setting realistic goals that match your capabilities.  Be honest but don’t set physical goals that are impossible to meet and get you too frustrated.  Remember, golf is suppose to be fun.

Here are some of my golf goals.  Maybe they resonate with you:

  • get longer distance with your driver
  • be more consistent hitting fairways
  • drill down distances for each of my clubs
  • work on 45 degree turn, takeaway and release
  • is it time to change my clubs; could be your ability to get the distance is hindered by not getting on board with advances in club technology
  • practice with a purpose
  • consider lessons and exercise more; improve strength and stamina

Golf can be a mind game, but you can work on getting more positive and self directive:

  • zone in mentally when you address the ball.  Keep your eye on the ball  and take other distractions out of your brain
  • stop choking on easy putts; practice putting and be confident with your stroke
  • try not to swear (too much)  or throw your club; emotions can take over and kill your ability to focus
  • don’t fall into negative thoughts; if you make a mistake, move on (make a note on your scorecard)  and practice later to avoid doing it again
  • stay focused by giving it 100% concentration
  • talk to yourself about the good stuff by internalizing it in your mind…yes I can!

Finally, review your swing.  How do you know what to correct in your swing, if you can’t see what you are doing right or wrong?

Final quest to improve your golf game:

camera I rigged up on a extended painters pole
camera I rigged up on a extended painters pole
  • I rigged up an old flip camera and mounted it to a painters pole.  Its not fancy, but it works for me.
  • Have a pro observe your swing.  Take a playing lesson.  Ask for feedback and correction
  • Review your video swing, via a  web sites that can examine your swing in slow motion.   V-1 Golf is free and works.  If you want to take it a step further, check out Rotary; RTS is not free but a pro can evaluate your swing and give you video drills to make corrections to your swing. My handicap has come down 5 since joining.
  • If you are not a video person, then use a mirror, so you can observe your swing using a mirror as your training aid.

Good luck with your golf game as you move forward into 2015.


Quip of the day!
Two golfers were sitting at the 19th hole discussing their games this year when one says to the other,
” My game is so bad this year I had to have my ball retriever regripped !”


For the Love of the Game – Winter Golf

Do you love to play golf?   If you do, then weather, hot or cold, won’t hold you back.
winter golf

Yesterday, my club, Loch Nairn, had their annual Christmas Frost Bowl.  There were about 80 golfers play in this event and a good time was had by all.

Our local pro, Chris Conklin (dressed up as Santa).  put together a really fun event.  Here are some highlights of the event which made it a really  fun event:

1.  It  was a 18 hole scramble event
2.  50 & older hit from the red tees (senior tees),  younger than 50 hit from the yellow tees
3.  Each player received a mulligan on each nine
4.  Each player received a free toss on each nine
5.  Closest to the hole on 2nd shot on several holes
6.  Closest to 150 marker on tough par 4.
7.  Closest to the hole on 3rd shot (par 5)
8.  Club toss on one par 4 hole
9.  No handicaps considered
10. Scores were tallied,  Net, (one score)
11.  Winners, were top 2 finishers and team hole events
12. Nice luncheon was had at the finish of event.

Chris  used a lot of imagination to make the Frost Bowl a fun event for all of us who braved the cold.

Our team consisted of 3 players.   My partners, Bob C and Steve H played really well.   We had no bogeys and ended up 9 below par for a net 61.

The winners ended up 16 below, for a net of 54.  Wow, well done!

How about you?  Make a comment about your winter golf experiences!

 Check it out:
“A good golf partner is one who’s always a little bit worse than you are.”

Gotta Love This Golf License Plate

Gotta love this license plate
Gotta love this license plate

Today I was a guest of my long time freind Allen.  We played at his home  course, Deerfield Golf Course.   The course was very challenging and it was evident quickly by my lousy play.  The course slope was pretty steep and I was reminded I still have a lot to learn about uphill, downhill, and slope lies.    The greens were highly unulated and pin positions were on the edge of all the greens, thereby giving you less green to work with for your approach shot  and tough putts once you got there.

The other 2 players in our foursome, Joe and Don, were also members of Deerfield.  The play was fun despite a few late showers, no one complained.  Hell, we were out and about doing what we love to do; play golf.

Allen took me to my car to unload my clubs and Don was parked next to me.  His license plate (GOLF), said it all.  You bet that Don loves the game. Check it out…above!

Another great day on the upside of the green and having fun!

Thanks to my friend, Allen, for a great day of fun and golf.

Let me and others know if you have or have seen a cool license plate that relates to the game of golf.

One Player – 2 Birdies on One Hole

Are you wondering how you can get 2 birdies and a greenie on the same hole, by the same player?

Our Sunday morning golfing group divides into groups of 3 or 4 depending on how many golfers show up that morning to play golf.  When you only have 3 golfers on your team,  that team gets an extra shot on Par 3 holes in order to compensate for not having a  4 man team.

Last Sunday, Steve H, being on a 3 man team, had the extra shot, on a Par 3 hole, about 172 yard hole.  His first shot went on the green and his second shot also landed on the green.  He was able to make both putts, thereby getting 2 birdies for his team.  Next, the added bonus was that he also got another point for being closest to the hole.

I might add, Steve did all this at the cool temp of 40 degrees. Congrats Steve!

Golf can really be fun…let it go!

How about you? Share a cool story. Make a comment…

Father – Son Golf

This past weekend Bernard Langer and his 14 year old son, Jason, won the PNC Father Son Challenge.   The PNC Challenge was a great venue to see professionals relaxed while having fun playing golf with their sons.

I am blessed to have two sons.  Both of my sons actually hate golf. About 20 years ago, my oldest son, Jason, and I played in a father-son tournament while he was  attending Duke.  Jason knew I loved golf and only played because of me.  Well, as far as I know, that was the last time he has played.  Golf just isn’t his thing.

My youngest son, Stephen, actually got a hole in one when he was 15.  It was the second time he had played.  I got him a trophy and still have the ball and scorecard.  Believe it or not, that was the last time he has played golf.

If your son plays golf and you have the chance to share quality time with him, then go for it!  But, if your son doesn’t like golf, but maybe loves you, then maybe your son will caddy for you.  This past Fathers Day, my son, Stephen, caddied for me.  He did a great job and got to meet all of my regular golfing buddies.  It was great fun!

How about a Christmas gift for Dad!  Ask your son to Caddy for you. The cost to him is $0.  You can pick up and lunch and maybe some libation.

Most of all, have fun and cherish quality time with your Son.



Putting – the most important part of your golf game

We’ve all heard the saying, “drive for show, putt for doe.” Sure, but putting is easier said than done.

Think about it? Par for most golf courses is 72. Of that, it accounts for hitting the green in regulation in 1 or 2, and 2 putting. So, at least 50% of golf scoring is putting.

What if you could shave 4 strokes off your score? Say 2 on the front and 2 on the back nine. You are talking a significant change in your handicap.

If you talk to your buddies, look at the different stances, putting approaches, and putters, I bet you will find a different stance or putter for each. Why? I think because putting is a personal thing, that is you putt in a way that is comfortable for you.

However, to improve your putting, may require taking yourself out of your putting comfort zone. Change requires practice and adopting a putting stroke that will improve your game.

One of the most interesting approaches of late I’ve seen is that of Jordan Speith, especially as it relates to short putts. I constantly miss 4-6 footers and end up 3 putting and instead of a par, I get a bogey or double bogey.

One other thing about his putting is the left hand grip. Check out what Dr. Eric Wilson has to say about this approach and grip.

Here’s another simplied video for the crossover putting grip >>>>

I’ve noticed with the left hand dominate grip that your putting stroke is more level. For example for left or right hand dominate putters, the right or left shoulder naturally leans down, unlevel. However, when you change the dominance from right to left hand, your shoulders become more level, hence a smoother more accurate putt. Especially short putts.

As a senior golfer we all know we don’t drive as long as we used too, but we sure as hell can keep our game in line by putting better than our younger opponents.

I’ll let you know how I do on my putting journey.

Go for it…give it try.

If you have a putting tip, go ahead and share it! Hit it forward!

Golf is what you play when you’re too out of shape to play softball.

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Chipping can be frustrating for golfers

Have you ever chunked a chip?  Of course, we all have chunked a chip at one time or another.

If you watched the Hero Challenge you probably noticed Tiger had his woes with chip shots.  So, it proves even the best of the best can have problems on any given day playing golf.

If you saw Tiger chipping, he was using a high lofted club.  If you have a tight lie, using a lob wedge or sand wedge can be dangerous, especially for us amateurs.  I prefer to use my hybrid or 7 iron, depending on lie.  I’ll even do down to pitching wedge if I have to fly the ball.

What club do you use for your chips?  Let us know.

There are tons on videos on YouTube that can help you.

Good luck and keep playing!

Understanding your golf swing

Do you understand why you hook, slice, chunk or just don’t get distance on your golf shot? If you are like me, I don’t fully understand and  I am constantly looking for answers to make my game more consistent.  Consistency with my golf game is my ultimate and never ending goal.

I often go the web to find answers for whatever problem I am having at the time.  For example, I have been having a bout of the shanks. I Finally corrected my shank  by going to a web site I often use, Rotary Swing. com.  This site gives you lots of free stuff, but the best part is when you pay for membership, which contains hundreds of  video and articles, plus practically weekly input with new videos and swing tips.

I also start taking lessons from a local PGA pro.  The combination of resources including the web and  in person lesssons resulted in getting returing confidence to  my swing.

I am always looking for golfing resources to help my swing and game.  I recently came to the conclusion (a little late in the game), that a golf swing is merely a matter of geometry.  Since, your physique, abilities to move and turn your body are different than mine, there is no one true geometric swing that is the same for everyone, but the basics of the geometry  are the same for everyone.  However, as we grow older, the more challenging it becomes to turn our bodies to still maintain good distance, accuracy and consistency with our golf game.

I recently stumbled upon a great resource,  and the wb sites author Dr. Jeffrey Mann.  Dr. Mann is not a PGA pro.  His web site is free and contains no adverorials.  This resource is forthright and non-commercial. There  are many helpful videos displayed on YouTube and they are very understandable.  He speaks during the video forthright and without scripts and follows up with corrections that occur.  But, the information he disseminates is excellent.  It’s up to you use the resource or not.

If you like to read, Dr. Mann’s reviews are quite informative and well written.  Most golfers are impatient and want their swing fixed now, but reality is, a good swing takes time.  If you take the time to read the articles on his web site, there is no doubt you will find a better understanding of  the concepts and insights to your own golf swing.

Taking lessons and visiting web sites for information are great. However, nothing beats practice, videoing  your own swing, using 360 degree mirror and then taking that hard work onto the golf course.

Let us know what resources you use to improve your golf swing.

Go Retired Golfers!



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