My Bag

During this past year I invested in new clubs.  I read the golf digest top 100 hot list and talked with other golfers.  Finally, I decided there was only one way to find the right clubs for me.

I contacted the in-store Pro at my local Golfsmith store.  At that time, I liked my driver and other woods, so I decided to replace my irons first. After trying several brands I decided the Ping G30 were best for me and my particular swing.  The pro took about one hour and a half and fitted the clubs to my particular impact and angle needed.  At that time, I had steel shaft Clevelands and the Ping G30 was available in both steel shafts and graphite shafts.  Testing my swing speed, the graphite swing speed was about 10mph faster than the steel, so I chose the graphite shaft and black Ping G30 irons.

I have found that the PingG30 irons are very forgiving and provide me with a confidence unlike I had previously.  Since the Ping G30 irons worked so well for me, I decided to move on to the Ping G30 Woods.  I found the woods to be similar in forgiveness and were givimg me more consistency and predictable shots.

Update: just added Ping G, 4 hybrid,  leaving only the 5 hybrid Callaway. 

Have you purchased new clubs within the past year?  If so, let others know of your experiences, good or bad.

Here is what is in my bag:
Ping G30 Driver
Taylormade Mini Driver
Ping G30 3 Wood
Ping G30 5 Wood
Ping G 4 Hybrid
Calloway X2Hot Hybrid 5
Ping 6,7,8,9,Wedge, (U) Gap, (S) Sand Wedge
Update:  New See More Blade FGP Putter
When in Florida, I use the the 5 Hybrid, when at home in Delaware I use the 5 Ping Iron. Debating whether I need Taylormade Mini Driver.