John – Making the Game of Golf Fun

Most clubs have a guy  who greet you either at the bag drop or just prior to getting you set to play and afterward once your game is finished.   A few ‘bag room’ guys make you feel special about yourself by getting your game onward in a positive manner.
bag room

Upon arriving at the course, I am often met by John.  John is from Boston and loves the Patriots.  Don’t hold that against him!  He is a special character and once you meet him, you will really like him.

John is always talking about golf, your game  and positive aspects of the day.   John is an observer of life.  For example, he saw me the other day, working on my sand bunker shots.  He relayed to me, “Mr. Collins, seems like you need some work on those bunker shots.” Embarassingly, he was right.  I needed help.  Some ‘Country Club’ golfers may have taken his comment as offensive, when in fact, it was meant to be constructive.

Now, John knows the game of golf.   He can tell a good bunker shot, a putt, chip, or drive if it is any good.  John, loves the game of golf, life, people and it comes through everytime you see him.

I think it would be fun to get John out on the course.  He most likely puts FUN into the game of golf!

Guys like John are hard to find.  Worthington Country Club should be proud they have him on their staff.

Now, get out there and have some fun….