BioMechanics and the Golf Swing

Yesterday I just happened to have an opportunity to play golf with a young man, Adam, who fully understood the nature of the proper mechanics of the golf swing.


Adam is from Green Bay, Wisconsin, has a degree in computer sciences, but has a passion for the game of golf.  His true passion is teaching golf.  He fully understands the game of golf  and has the patience to transfer that knowledge to others.

One of my golf goals for the year was to be more consistent.  This is a goal most of us amateur golfers attest.  Adam, concurred that golf is an ever changing challenge, but is often made to complicated by getting too many variables into a players mind, when golf is primarily just about using the proper bio-mechanics.

Adam and I got lucky during our game.  A rainstorm came up for about 15 minutes, but we continued to play and the rest of the golfers on the course quit.   The sun came out and the rest of the round was amazing.  Emptying out the course gave us an opportunity to discuss and analyze  the real mechanics of the golf swing.

Adam pointed out that my left leg and pronation with my hands at address were a culprit of my inconsitency.

First, my left leg was fine on the backswing, but on the full takeaway I was keeping my left leg bent, which did not allow my hips to come through and prevented a loss of lag and loss of power.  Once Adam  explained and next demonstrated the move, I was on track.

Next, the pronation.  My hands were the culprit of chunk shots.  The way I positioned my hands was causing inconsistency with my swing. My hands position was always causing me to try to ‘catch up’ with my swing and over compensate the down swing, thereby I was chunking the ball.

Now that I know how to make some tweeks to my game, what is next. Yep, on to  the practice range, with the goal only to work on proper release and rotation with hips and left leg, and proper pronation of the hands during swing takeaway and release.

Not sure if I throughly explained these moves, but next time you are on  the range or golf course, just ask your  pro or teaching professional about the role of the left leg in the release and pronation of hands during the golf swing.

Thanks again Adam for a great day of golf and enlightenment to help me with my golf game.

Now, get out there and have some fun!

Check out the left left and hips at finish on the graphic!