Understanding your golf swing

Do you understand why you hook, slice, chunk or just don’t get distance on your golf shot? If you are like me, I don’t fully understand and  I am constantly looking for answers to make my game more consistent.  Consistency with my golf game is my ultimate and never ending goal.

I often go the web to find answers for whatever problem I am having at the time.  For example, I have been having a bout of the shanks. I Finally corrected my shank  by going to a web site I often use, Rotary Swing. com.  This site gives you lots of free stuff, but the best part is when you pay for membership, which contains hundreds of  video and articles, plus practically weekly input with new videos and swing tips.

I also start taking lessons from a local PGA pro.  The combination of resources including the web and  in person lesssons resulted in getting returing confidence to  my swing.

I am always looking for golfing resources to help my swing and game.  I recently came to the conclusion (a little late in the game), that a golf swing is merely a matter of geometry.  Since, your physique, abilities to move and turn your body are different than mine, there is no one true geometric swing that is the same for everyone, but the basics of the geometry  are the same for everyone.  However, as we grow older, the more challenging it becomes to turn our bodies to still maintain good distance, accuracy and consistency with our golf game.

I recently stumbled upon a great resource, PerfectGolfSwingReview.net  and the wb sites author Dr. Jeffrey Mann.  Dr. Mann is not a PGA pro.  His web site is free and contains no adverorials.  This resource is forthright and non-commercial. There  are many helpful videos displayed on YouTube and they are very understandable.  He speaks during the video forthright and without scripts and follows up with corrections that occur.  But, the information he disseminates is excellent.  It’s up to you use the resource or not.

If you like to read, Dr. Mann’s reviews are quite informative and well written.  Most golfers are impatient and want their swing fixed now, but reality is, a good swing takes time.  If you take the time to read the articles on his web site, there is no doubt you will find a better understanding of  the concepts and insights to your own golf swing.

Taking lessons and visiting web sites for information are great. However, nothing beats practice, videoing  your own swing, using 360 degree mirror and then taking that hard work onto the golf course.

Let us know what resources you use to improve your golf swing.

Go Retired Golfers!



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