Snowed today....could be worse...sorry for you Buffalo golfers
Snowed today….could be worse…sorry for you Buffalo golfers

Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday of the year.

To me,  Thanksgiving is all about family!  Getting together as a family to enjoy each other and appreciate our many blessings.

Other than family,  here is some golf gobble that make me thankful to enjoy the game of golf:

1.  Be happy with a bogey and occasional par.
2.  Be overjoyed with a birdie.
3.  Be thankfull to be outside to enjoy the fresh air.
4.  Be thankful for my golf buds and the 19th hole.
5.  Be thanksful to get up in the morning hopeful your game
will be better or as good as yesterday.
6.  Be thankful for golf humor :)
7.  Be thankful for golf carts and occasional walk on the green carpet.
8.  Be thankful for GPS and great forgiving golf clubs.

Last, I’m thankful for my wife, who encourages me to play golf and
most of all have fun playing!

Share with us what you are thankful?