Gotta Love This Golf License Plate

Gotta love this license plate
Gotta love this license plate

Today I was a guest of my long time freind Allen.  We played at his home  course, Deerfield Golf Course.   The course was very challenging and it was evident quickly by my lousy play.  The course slope was pretty steep and I was reminded I still have a lot to learn about uphill, downhill, and slope lies.    The greens were highly unulated and pin positions were on the edge of all the greens, thereby giving you less green to work with for your approach shot  and tough putts once you got there.

The other 2 players in our foursome, Joe and Don, were also members of Deerfield.  The play was fun despite a few late showers, no one complained.  Hell, we were out and about doing what we love to do; play golf.

Allen took me to my car to unload my clubs and Don was parked next to me.  His license plate (GOLF), said it all.  You bet that Don loves the game. Check it out…above!

Another great day on the upside of the green and having fun!

Thanks to my friend, Allen, for a great day of fun and golf.

Let me and others know if you have or have seen a cool license plate that relates to the game of golf.