For the Love of the Game – Winter Golf

Do you love to play golf?   If you do, then weather, hot or cold, won’t hold you back.
winter golf

Yesterday, my club, Loch Nairn, had their annual Christmas Frost Bowl.  There were about 80 golfers play in this event and a good time was had by all.

Our local pro, Chris Conklin (dressed up as Santa).  put together a really fun event.  Here are some highlights of the event which made it a really  fun event:

1.  It  was a 18 hole scramble event
2.  50 & older hit from the red tees (senior tees),  younger than 50 hit from the yellow tees
3.  Each player received a mulligan on each nine
4.  Each player received a free toss on each nine
5.  Closest to the hole on 2nd shot on several holes
6.  Closest to 150 marker on tough par 4.
7.  Closest to the hole on 3rd shot (par 5)
8.  Club toss on one par 4 hole
9.  No handicaps considered
10. Scores were tallied,  Net, (one score)
11.  Winners, were top 2 finishers and team hole events
12. Nice luncheon was had at the finish of event.

Chris  used a lot of imagination to make the Frost Bowl a fun event for all of us who braved the cold.

Our team consisted of 3 players.   My partners, Bob C and Steve H played really well.   We had no bogeys and ended up 9 below par for a net 61.

The winners ended up 16 below, for a net of 54.  Wow, well done!

How about you?  Make a comment about your winter golf experiences!

 Check it out:
“A good golf partner is one who’s always a little bit worse than you are.”